What Has Changed In SEO In 2017?

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing trend. With time there are numerous changes in the search engine optimization. Over the years the chances of surviving of SEO based content are getting tougher.The google is introducing new ways of SEO and its ranking system is also getting tougher. The visibility of the content is also changing with time constantly.

The google is slowly moving towards a mobile only world. The google is shifting form the desktop to mobile as more and more users are now mobile friendly. There are numerous changes expected in the year of 2017 in the search engine optimization and its techniques.

Get Prepared For The Mobile First Indexing

The very first change is the mobile first indexing. The google has officially announced it in the November of the previous year of 2016 that the change is going to happen. Google has officially stated that in order to make the search results more and more useful new experiments have begun for the mobile first indexing. Until yet we are in the desktop indexing but soon google is moving to the mobile first indexing.

Creation Of The Mobile Version

The creation of the mobile version with any format which is possible i.e. responsive, site, adaptive, or PWA. The mobile version will be same for all kinds of mobile and can be accessed anytime from across the globe.

The Content And Pages Will Be Accessible From Both Mobile And Desktop

The web pages will be presented in the same way as in mobile and desktop. By this way your website would be losing ranking. This is because in the desktop search only visible content would be displayed while in mobile version such pages are discarded. Therefore there are chances of losing the search engine optimization visibility.

The Implementation Of Structured Data In The Mobile Version

The implementation of the structured data in the mobile version is of great importance.

This is because the data is usually neglected when the speed of the webpage is needed. But google requires the information for the optimization of SEO.

Reconsideration And Conversion Optimization On Desktop And Mobile

Hopefully the reconsidering the entire user experience and its conversion optimization will be offered on the mobile and desktop. For example, during the past few month as the google demotion of tabbed content numerous websites have start to get rid of the various tabs. These tabs were present in all over the content of website all at once. The limitation of such tabs will no longer be on the websites once the mobile-first indexing is implemented.

Planning And Rethinking Of New Link Building Strategy

A new link building strategy is to be planned and rethought for having a separate website version for mobiles i.e. m.mobile version. The strategy is somehow more defensive because still it is not known what would be the results of such implementations. It is not known that what would happen to the inbound links of the desktop versions in a mobile-first indexing. But it is expected that google will make a way that link graphs will become independent of the nature of the sites.